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Understanding what your plants need

While not all plants require the exact same growing conditions (as evidenced by different plant yields in different parts of the country and the world), all plants do require a fairly similar and uniform combination of nutrients. Most of the time, plants will find this combination of nutrients in the soil in nature; however, in the case of hydroponics, the grower must add the hydroponic nutrients into the solution or into a feeder system in order to facilitate growth.

What do I need?

So what type of hydroponic nutrients should you add to your solution? While there a number of different mixtures on the market, each nutrient solution, without exception, should contain the following: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. If your solution does not contain a robust amount of each of the aforementioned nutrients, your plants may suffer stunted growth, as each is a crucial ingredient. Ideally, a hydroponic nutrient with added micro-nutrients and trace-elements would be best for a healthy plant. Most nutrients on the market today offer a complete feeding system for your garden.

These nutrients can come in either of two forms: synthetic or organic. Organics are derived from ingredients like guano and alfalfa meal and take time to break down in the soil system by microbes and fungi. Synthetics, on the other hand, are in an ionic-form meaning they are available right away – as soon as you water them into the soil or pump them in a hydroponic system. Typically, synthetics are used in hydroponic growing because they are not as viscous and run cleaner in pumps, reservoirs, and lines – this means less cleaning and maintenance for the grower.

Customizing nutrients

One thing you will want to consider when you purchase hydroponic nutrients is whether or not your plant will consume an inordinate amount of one specific nutrient. You will want to research the nutrient needs of the plant you want to grow. While there are all purpose fertilizers, some plants will respond better to plant-specific nutrients. Make sure to give plants regular feedings with proper nutrients to stave off any deficiencies and keep consistent growth.

Do you have questions about what nutrients will work best for your hydroponic crops? Come into the Peterborough Hydroponics store or visit our contact page and we are happy to help and offer our best advice in order to help you get the crop yields you desire!