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Grow fresh produce in unexpected places!

It is no wonder that the use of hydroponic growing systems (when it comes to planting and harvesting produce) is very popular in our current times.

Gone are the days when you needed to plant everything seasonally in garden soil to get fresh vegetables, enjoy herbs or harvest other leafy crops. With the popularity of hydroponics, more and more there are many households or families who eat fresh and clean vegetables all year round without having ever planted a seed in the ground!


Hydroponics systems can save you time, since such a system generally requires less labor and maintenance to maintain a successful operation. Hydroponics tends to be less work and simply requires the system to be be properly setup, monitored and maintained over the lifetime of the system. Soil-related plant or root diseases as well as the problem of over and under watering are greatly minimized in a hydroponic growing environment.

Less water use

Hydroponic systems tend to use less water than traditional gardening methods, and with most people accessing municipal water services, this can mean significant cost savings.

Rapid growth and reduced time to harvest

Hydroponics helps your plants grow rapidly and abundantly, enabling you to get faster access to fresh crops. Fertilizers are not an issue because most hydroponic setups have their own pump system that automatically passes on the nutrients to the plants with the water supply, making them healthier when compared to traditional plants.

Less mess!

Many people who get started with hydroponics growing enjoy the fact that this gardening method is not as messy as traditional planting. If you have wanted to plant vegetables but do not want to get dirty, hydroponics planting may be the answer for you. Your fresh produce can be grown pretty much anywhere in your home with the right lighting system.

Great nutrition

Aside from the great convenience of being able to plant vegetables inside your house, having fresh herbs or salad greens within your arm’s reach while cooking or preparing meals is rich with health benefits. If you compare a traditionally grown crop to a hydroponically produced crop, you can immediately see the difference because not only do they grow more abundantly, but they often have received more nutrients and possess a superior nutritional value. If you are keen on growing more nutritious vegetables and plants, it can be highly beneficial to plant them hydroponically because of the advantages hydroponics can offer to you and your family.

Come into the Peterborough Hydroponic Centre to learn how you and your family can get started growing with a hydroponic system!