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Spanish River – Volcanic Minerals Plus


After 10 + years of fertilizing over 100,000 acres, our major findings are:

  • Increases the nutrient and health-giving value of all that farms and gardens produce for human and livestock consumption (including vegetables, fruits and forages
  • Recognized as a superior, organically approved input into ornamental, allotment and community gardens across Ontario.
  • Organically approved and recognized as superior for soil remediation and plant growth in all gardens
  • Complex mixture of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, trace elements and rare earths = excellent soil amendment
  • EXTREMELY REACTIVE – benefits result from first application — weathers to sand in just 3 years
  • Combats aluminum, acidification and other soil toxicities resulting from chemical fertilizer application
  • Enhances plant/microbial/mineralogical interactions resulting in soil restoration and better utilization of natural soild minerals


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