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Nutri+ Start


  • Nutri+ Start provides energy to young cuttings
  • Eliminates transplanting shock. For propagation media
  • Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizers
  • Promotes fast development of healthy and vigorous roots in the propagation media
  • Contains all the plant nutrients required to adequately feed the earliest roots of your cuttings
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Grow medium conditioner (rock wool, foams, peat pellets): soak media with 7.5 ml of Nutri+ Start per liter of water.
Transplant: Use Nutri+ Start alone at 15 ml per liter of water.
Nutritive supplement: Add 2.5 ml of Nutri+ Start per liter of nutritive solution for the first application

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250mL, 500mL, 1L, 4L, 20L