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Dutch Nutrient Success in a Box


DNF + H20 = Success!

  • Includes:
  • DNF Grow A&B 1L
  • DNF Bloom A&B 1L
  • DNF Carbo Logic 60g
  • DNF Gold 1L
  • DNF Green 1L
  • DNF Black 1L
  • DNF Clear 1L
  • DNF Veg Fortifier 130g
  • DNF Bloom Fortifier 130g
  • Free T-shirt, pamphlets

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DNF Success in a Box is everything you need for a successful harvest! All you have to do is add water. Have you ever been unsure on which nutrients would be best to use together? DNF has made it easy by putting everything into one box for an affordable price. Follow their easy to use feed chart and apply the nutrients in the box.

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