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Dutch Nutrient Potassium Silicate


  • Increase resistance to pests and fungi
  • Strengthens stalks
  • Improves resistance to environmental stressors
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DN brand Potassium Silicate is one of the most concentrated products of its kind on the market making it a great value! Adding silica to your nutrient mix may slightly raise the PH.

Many benefits can be gained by using a good Potassium Silicate product in your feeding program. Increased tolerance of environmental stress, heat, cold, drought, water and soil toxicity or deficiency, improved growth rate both in the root zone and in the plant it foliage.  Potassium Silicate helps the plant growth by depositing it self epidermal cell walls, enhancing the plant’s ability to keep the leaves pointed towards the light source. It also increases the stem strength, making it easier to hold up more weight. As the plant builds it self up with Potassium Silicate, it helps with balancing nutrient uptake and distribution, and increased concentration of chlorophyll and RUBP carboxylase in leaves.

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