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Centurion Tabletop Trimmer *Allow 2 -3 weeks for shipping times*

What is Included
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  • Efficiency is the CenturionPro TableTop Trimmer’s game.
  • Compact and can fit almost anywhere, The TableTop does the job of 16 people while maintaining quality trims.
  • The TableTop trims up to 20 pounds of wet product or 4 pounds of dry product in an hour with ease.
  • It also uses a 24-inch tumbler, a one-horsepower leaf collector suction system, and the CenturionPro’s triple-bag-kief filtration and trim collection system, which lets you filter kief while you trim.
  • Want to work faster? The TableTop has attachment upgrades available.
  • Upgrade the electropolish tumbler with the Quantanium Coated Tumbler that handles buds with care with 40 percent trichome preservation.
  • Add a CenturionPro Bucker to help you de-stem your product while doing the job of 20 people. Choose between the 120 pound or 500 pound capacity for bigger yields per hour.
  • The TableTop is covered with a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind. All sales final