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Canna Cannazym


  • Cannazym consists of over 12 different types of enzymes to which vitamins and plant extract from the desert are added
  • Accelerates the decomposition process of dead root material, stimulates the plant to form new roots and activates microorganisms
  • Facilitates improved absorption of nutrients and increases resistance against pathogenic organisms

Directions for use:

  • Dosage: 25 ml / 10 liters – 9 ml / US gallon (1: 400)
  • Minimal once a week, better continuously
  • When using older (untreated) slabs, double the dose for a period of time of one month
  • When reusing the culture medium, double the dose for one or two weeks
  • Do not prepare the solution more than ten days in advance
  • Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide

Other directions:

  • Good shake the bottle before use
  • Keep in a dark place
  • Keep away from extremes of hot and cold

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250mL, 1L, 5L, 10L