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Hydroponic gardening is a great method of growing plants for any individual who does not have a garden, access to good fertile soil or lives in a climate where traditional methods would not easily work. With hydroponic gardening the medium of soil is not actually necessary. Hydroponic gardening relies on an artificial nutrient and mineral solution which is provided to the plant via a pump on a timer and plumbing equipment. Plants can be grown with hydroponics either outdoors in the sunlight or inside a house with the use of grow lights. It is possible to make your own homemade hydroponics system if you know what you are doing. However, most people choose to buy the majority of the equipment they need from a hydroponic supply store.

What we sell

At a hydroponic supply store (like your very own Peterborough Hydroponic Centre) one can purchase everything that is deemed necessary to grow plants using this horticultural method. You can visit a hydroponic supply store in person or via the web in order to purchase the basic starter equipment if you are just a beginner. Experienced hydroponic gardeners can also use these stores to purchase more advanced equipment.

A wide array of available equipment

If you take the time to visit an online hydroponic supply store you will see an extensive list of different items available for purchase. Typical hydroponic equipment and supplies include grow lights, irrigation and plumbing systems, nutrient solutions and powders, growing mediums such as gravel or pumice, pesticides, reflectors, fans, air conditioning systems, CO2 generators, pesticides, additives, dark rooms, timers, pumps, trays, flood tables, replacement bulbs, informative literature and more.

In fact hydroponic supply stores sell all the equipment necessary for this type of gardening. They cater to beginner and intermediate hydroponic gardeners. They even have all of the supplies necessary for those individuals who have a particularly large or sophisticated plant growing operation.

Serving outdoor gardeners as well

While hydroponic stores typically do cater to those wishing to start their own indoor hydroponics setup, you may be surprised to find that they carry a wide-range of gardening equipment for outdoors as well. Not only that, but employees of these establishments are usually gardeners themselves and can possess knowledge of many gardening practices. If you are looking to set up your own hydroponic system or just want to learn a little more about gardening, visiting your specialty hydroponics store in person may be the way to go.

Here at Peterborough Hydroponics, we are ready and excited to help you with your gardening needs, indoors or outdoors! Shop online or visit us today!