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What will you need to get started?

What hydroponic equipment is absolutely necessary if you want to grow plants indoors? Well, for a simple hydroponic system, you won’t need a whole lot more than an inert medium, some water, plant nutrients (or nutrient solution), a tray, some seeds, and a pair of fluorescent lights. But what else could you use if you wanted a more elaborate system?

Simple or complex?

Some hydroponic systems utilize significantly more hydroponic equipment. Typical elements of a hydroponic system are a table and reservoir to hold the nutrient solution and an air pump to keep the solution oxygenated. Most systems include a water pump to pump the nutrient solution from the reservoir to where the plants are located. Methods that use a water pump would be an ebb and flow system, top feed, and NFT – to name a few. You can opt for cheaper methods that do not use a water pump like deep water culture; however, this lacks the control of a pump-fed system. Hydroponic methods like these are considered very efficient for growing, and can often produce larger plants with denser packs. Additionally, this can also be extremely cost-effective if the grower utilizes economies of scale with massive greenhouse-size hydroponic systems.

What else is needed?

Further elements of a hydroponic system are a water heater that will help to keep the root zone nice and warm. Finally, pH and nutrient testing equipment are not necessary, but will certainly make it easier to have finite control over the nutrient solution and alert the user to how much food the plants are being fed and at their pH levels. You then use hydroponic equipment, including pumps and feeders, to move the water and nutrient solution through the pipes and over the roots.

Shining a light on things

Another important piece of equipment is the light. Luckily for hydroponic growers, lightbulb technology has exploded in recent years, partly in response to the growing demand for more energy-efficient appliances. Growers can now purchase high-intensity lightbulbs that closely attempt to mimic sunlight, providing the right spectrum of light to the plant. SunMaster and Hortilux are some of the two better known bulb manufacturers

If you wanted to you could additionally put your hydroponic system in a greenhouse. Most greenhouses are quite expensive, however, it would offset the cost of running the high-intensity lights during the growing season outdoors. During the winter months, supplementary lights would most likely have to be used to keep things growing and warm.

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