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About PHC

Your Local Hydroponics Experts!

Looking for help?  We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you on how to get the most out of your hydroponics project.

Peterborough Hydroponic Centre strives to provide our customers with excellent service and a vast catalogue of hydroponic equipment. We have the products to cater to any method of gardening, whether it’s soil or hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. Our experts can help customize your grow to space whatever specifications you desire. We have been in the hydroponic business for 23 years and growing for over 30. Our experience means you get the support you need to have success when gardening at home.

We love our customers!

PHC Home of Your Growing Experts

Your Local Experts

Peterborough Hydroponics Center is your local go-to shop for everything hydroponics! Come and grow with us!

Our Vision

Our vision is to satisfy your hydroponics needs whilst contributing to the well-being of our local community.

Our Mission

We help gardening enthusiasts with their hydroponics systems by offering great products and professional advice.

Our Qualities

We value offering friendly and helpful service to our dedicated clientele. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it!

We are passionate about gardening! We all garden as a hobby in our own spare time and want others to realize how achievable it is. In respects to the medical cannabis community, we strive to provide fair access to those seeking to grow their own medicine.

Get to know …

Mike Kidd

Mike Kidd

Mike is the owner and proprietor of Peterborough Hydroponic Centre. He has owned and operated the business for over 25 years. Mike is a former electrician and mechanic, and has been growing cannabis for over 30 years and medically since the creation of the MMAR program. This experience has offered him an extensive knowledge of installation and a passion for cannabis cultivation. Being a Peterborough native, Mike has invested in the community to ensure that customers have a one-stop shop and a trust-worthy, reliable support centre for those interested in growing.

Will Read

Will Read

Will has been a part of the Peterborough Hydroponics team for over 10 years. He works as the manager and oversees the day-to-day operations at the store. Will has an Honour’s Bachelor degree from Trent University. He is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of gardening. Will has worked with the Peterborough Horticultural Society and helped with events like the annual Peterborough Garden Show. He also maintains a relationship with the Peterborough chapter of the Master Gardeners of Ontario. He is always looking to learn more and works actively within the gardening community.

Jordan Huffman

Jordan Huffman

Jordan has been working at Peterborough Hydroponic Centre for over 5 years. He has an Honour’s Bachelor degree from Trent and a post-graduate certificate from Fleming. Jordan has a background in cannabis from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. He is knowledgeable about extraction methods and up-to-date with cannabis laws. He is extremely passionate about gardening and teaching others. Jordan is native to Peterborough and is excited at the chance to share his knowledge of gardening with his community. He strives to continue learning and looks forward to growing with the cannabis industry.

Come and see what we have in store for you!